Katie Watson Bingham is Newest Alumni of LGLR Program

Attorney Katie Watson Bingham, who is a member of the Class of XXXIV, graduated today from the Leadership Greater Little Rock program - a nine-month community leadership program from the Little Rock Regional Chamber.

LGLR Katie 2019.jpg

Katie Watson Bingham graduated from the Leadership Greater Little Rock Class of XXXIV. At her graduation, she was joined by colleagues and some fellow LGLR graduates Byron Eiseman, Jay Taylor (Class XX), Mike Moore (Class XII), Taylor Marshall (Class XXXII), Tom Baxter (Class Class VI), Coleman Westbrook, Coleman Westbrook and Taylor Stockemer. 

Katie a partner in the Trust and Estate Planning Practice Group and holds a master’s degree in taxation from the University of Florida. Her areas of practice include estate planning, estate and trust administration, estate and gift taxation, tax planning for individuals, entity formation, probate matters and formation and planning for exempt organizations.

LGLR began in 1985 with the idea to take a group of individuals who are already making an impact in their business or local community and, with specialized training and education, give them the tools to become even better leaders and make a bigger impact on the community.

To date, the firm has more than 20 graduates of the program.

FEC/LGLR alumni include:

Will Griffin, Class III

Tom Baxter, Class VI

Price Gardner, Class X

Bill Waddell, Class XI

Guy Wade, Class XV

Michelle Ator, Class XVI

Harry Light, Class XVII

Dan Herrington, Class XVIII

Laura Smith, Class XIX

Jay Taylor, Class XX

Mike Moore, Class XXII

Khayyam Eddings, Class XXIV

Sarah Cotton Patterson, Class XXV

Tim Ezell, Class XXVI

Kelly Newberg, Class XXVII

Michael Moyers, Class XXVIII

Mike Childers, Class XXIX

Jeremiah Wood, Class XXX

Josh Osborne, Class XXXI

Taylor Marshall, Class XXXII

Jamie Jones, Class XXXIII

Katie Watson Bingham, Class XXXIV