Med Mal 101: Back to Basics

Friday, Eldredge & Clark is producing a monthly series for medical care providers this year – “Med Mal 101: Back to Basics.” The information will be provided by the attorneys in our Medical Malpractice Group and is designed to give physicians and other healthcare providers information they need to know about malpractice litigation.


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With this series, we will provide Arkansas practitioners with a general overview of the legal process to dispel some common myths and to aid in a better understanding of what actually happens when a medical care provider is sued for malpractice.  

The 12-month series will include the following topics: 

  • Part 1: How a Lawsuit Gets Started
  • How To and When You are Required to Respond to a Complaint
  • What is the Legal “Standard of Care” in Arkansas?
  • What is Considered Malpractice Under the Law?
  • What Happens If There is a Bad Outcome That Could Not Be Avoided?
  • What is a Medical Injury?
  • You Received A Subpoena ...Now What?
  • Information That is Shared About a Provider During a Lawsuit
  • Depositions - What to Expect
  • Motions, Settlements and Trial
  • What to Expect at Trial
  • The Appeals Process