Agricultural Law

Agricultural law is a collaborative practice area at Friday, Eldredge & Clark, drawing on the talents of our most experienced lawyers across nearly all of our transactional, regulatory, and litigation practice areas. We understand the wide variety of legal issues faced by farmers and agribusinesses, and our lawyers are experienced in all facets of agricultural law.

In addition to representing large agribusinesses, cooperatives, and individual farmers, we also represent large non-profit organizations that work to address the entire spectrum of public policy and governmental issues facing agriculture. Our experience with those organizations provides a breadth of knowledge and experience that serves our clients well.

Focused on Clients

  • Large agribusinesses
  • Non-profit organizations who focus on agriculture issues (including the leading poultry industry association)
  • Suppliers (such as suppliers of pesticides and agricultural chemicals)
  • Food processors (such as poultry and other livestock processors)
  • Agricultural producers
  • Family-owned farms and agricultural companies
  • Individual farmers
  • Cooperatives

Focused on Services

  • Transactional
  • Regulatory
  • Litigation
  • Antitrust
  • Family business asset and succession planning
  • Tax
  • Labor and Employment
  • Government Relations

Focused on our Team

Our team of lawyers can handle all your agricultural law needs with a collaborative and learned focus you deserve.